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Empowering individuals and communities through renewable energy self-sufficiency.

Brand Promise

We are your partner in the complete energy experience.


Core Values: 


• Solve the unique challenges of living and working in Northern Canada by thinking differently.
• Use our creativity to solve problems that others view as insurmountable.
• Maintain an open and curious mind, always questioning what you know and being open to new


• Great work is built on trust. Strive to build a team where we trust one another to do great work,
out of respect for each other and our customers.
• Foster an environment where leaders are trusted to be receptive to respectful criticism and
translate it into positive improvements.
• Earn our customer's trust by providing reliable and economically viable solutions from concept
through to O&M.
• Establish a safety culture based on trust, where everyone looks out for one another.


• Empower from within: Hire high-quality individuals, treat them with respect, and reward them
for their achievements.
• Empower our staff and train them to actively pursue challenges, solving them with creativity
and innovation.
• Empower our clients by providing them with innovative designs which push the boundaries of
renewable energy in the north.
• Empower our community. Success does not happen in a vacuum and when it does, it should be
shared with the local community.



• Act as leaders during difficult times and remain calm under pressure.
• Be willing to take calculated risks.
• Consistently advocate for our customers and renewable energy policy across the North.
• Constantly improve, individually and collectively



• Practice a holistic and robust approach to renewable energy planning which reflects community
values and maximizes socioeconomic and environmental benefits.
• Understand our client values and goals. Encourage them to take on stewardship roles in their
communities and create generational assets.
• Commit to building long-term partnerships and lead as energy stewards.

Executive Profiles

Drew Cameron

Co-founder and President

An entrepreneur at heart, Drew co-founded Solvest after having had two other businesses prior, allowing him to draw on previous learning and experience when designing Solvest. Drew initially started his career as a paramedic in Ontario and Alberta, fulfilling his desire to serve those in need. Subsequently, Drew worked in Health and Safety in remote locations for the energy sector. Now, he has turned his focus to a larger canvas and is looking at green energy as the next frontier for the socially conscious enterprise.

Ben Power

Co-founder and CEO

Ben’s professional background is situated in several industries including engineering and corporate sales. Prior to founding Solvest, Ben studied engineering at the University of Calgary and went on to work as an engineering assistant at PCL Construction, where he was responsible for managing various teams and projects at different phases of construction. Ben’s role in Solvest includes overseeing project development and technical design, while also assisting in financing and sales as required. To date, Ben has lead the Solvest team in designing and installing over 300 solar photovoltaic systems for businesses and homes in the Yukon, NWT, Nunavut, BC, and Manitoba.

Michael Schultz

Chief Operations Officer

With over 10 years of experience managing complex projects in the mineral exploration and resource extraction industries, Michael has developed a broad and engaging set of skills, enabling him to provide high-level guidance to a breadth of project types. Michael’s extensive remote work experience has made him exceptionally adept at managing site and project logistics in remote settings and diverse environments. His background has enabled the successful management of Solvest installation crews in the construction of over 300 PV arrays throughout the Yukon, Northwest Territories, and Nunavut.

Tyler Martin

Electrical Superindendent 

Tyler is a journeyman electrician with over 10 years of commercial and residential electrical experience and three years’ experience in the PV industry. Having worked on over 250 PV installations, Tyler’s wealth of experience has made him an excellent mentor and supervisor for our electrical apprentices ensuring that we provide all our clients with the highest quality electrical installations.

Daniel Guhl

Director of Sales and Marketing

Danny’s background in Marketing and Information Systems has allowed him to provide Solvest a trained eye in streamlining business processes and product development. Born and raised in Whitehorse, Yukon, Danny knows the north and its people. He spends his time building relationships with large prospective clients and oversees the marketing and sales initiatives for the company.

Mariah Byers

Sales Manager

Mariah has been working in Sales with Solvest for 2 years, her knowledge in renewable energy and the Northern marketplace allows her to discuss any potential system, configuration, and ROI with clients and answer any questions or concerns they may have. Mariah studied Physics at Dalhousie University and understands the benefits of renewable energy production for the environment and it's impacts in the North.