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North Klondike IPP Producing Clean Energy for Yukoners

The North Klondike solar power plant has been fully commissioned and is now producing renewable energy for up to 180 Yukon homes per year

Solvest Inc. Spearheaded Northern Solar Panel Research

Solvest Inc. spearheaded Northern solar panel research coined as the “Whitehorse Solar Study”. Bi-facial and monocrystalline panels are now being used all over the Yukon with a good understanding of their performance all-year round.

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CropBox providing food security

The CropBox is fully operational in Whitehorse, providing food security and dealing with long transportation times and costs. Partnerships include research stations and the Yukon College to help with food security in Northern Canada.

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Solvest Inc. partnered with hydroponics supplier CropBox

Solvest Inc. partnered with hydroponics supplier, CropBox to provide local options for fresh produce during the winter months. The project aims to provide a sustainable source of fresh vegetables and greens where Northern communities would otherwise ship in wilted foods. The hydroponics unit is soilless and is fully winterized in a 40-foot long shipping container.

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Yukon has highest number of solar panel installations in Western Canada

Yukon has the highest number of solar panel installations in Western Canada, per capita. With governments allowing users to sell surplus residential and business solar power to Yukon Energy, there was a surge in solar panel installations in 2015. Solvest Inc. as over 135 projects to-date.

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