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How Solar Withstands Weather Conditions

We often get asked whether panels produce energy only when in direct sunlight with clear blue skies. Luckily, this is not the case – solar systems are durable and produce energy most days so long as they're not covered in snow. 

If you're looking for the impact of snow on solar modules and system production, check out our dedicated post on this topic. Otherwise, continue reading for a great overview of cloudiness, rainfall, and extreme weather conditions. 


weather 1

On cloudy days, solar energy production will be decreased. 

However, modern solar panels are still able to perform under these conditions. 

Even on days with extreme, heavy clouds, your panels will still produce some energy. The sun's energy is so strong that its energy is still able to reach your panels through diffuse radiation and reflected light. 

Solvest's experienced solar designers will ensure systems are optimal by minimizing the effects of shading, whether by clouds or trees. 



weather 2Solar panels are waterproof, so rain will not damage or negatively affect your solar system in any way.

If anything, the rain will aid your system's production by washing away any dirt or debris that may have found its way onto your panels over time. 

In addition, you will see diminished production due to rain clouds. 


Major Disaster

weather 3Prior to any project being installed, we will arrange for insurance coverage to cover the initial cost of capital in the event of an extreme weather storm.

This insurance will ensure that you are able to replace any damaged hardware, though it will not compensate you for revenue lost while the system is being repaired.


Standard racking is built to withstand wind speeds of up to 150 mph.

Despite their appearance, solar panels are exceptionally durable – able to withstand hail and other small debris impacts.


In the unlikely case that damage was to occur, all of our systems' modules are warrantied up to 25 years post-install.


We hope learning about the durability of solar panels and the systems we install has helped put your mind at ease when thinking about our sometimes unpredictable northern weather! For specific questions, enter your contact information below.

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