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Free Assessment

Save on rising energy costs

Solar power protects against ever-increasing electricity costs while at the same time directly helping the environment.

Surprisingly affordable

Canada has some of the best rebate programs and financial incentives for solar installations. In the North, you have the capability to export your surplus power and be reimbursed for it. This can add a passive revenue stream to your income.

Increase your home value

A solar system will increase the value of your home through a top-quality installation by our industry experts.

Sustainable source of energy

Solar power is a sustainable energy source that turns sunlight into usable electricity. With no moving parts, solar arrays are hassle-free and involve very little maintenance.

Installing solar panels with Solvest is simple and convenient

Stress free process! From the initial site assessment and design to the final grid connection. Solvest will handle all the paperwork for you including inspections and applications.

Our dedicated team follows a 5-step process:

  1. Free consultation and assessment to understand the best option available for you.
  2. Next, our team will design a custom solar solution to generate the most energy and reduce your payback period.
  3. We order all top-of-the-line products from reliable, trusted vendors.
  4. We install your solar system, with our trained and experienced crews.
  5. Finally, if you’re connected to the grid, the utility company installs a two-way meter to measure how much electricity you are selling back to the grid.

Financing & energy rebates make residential solar panels affordable

Solvest handles all the paperwork for rebates, the micro-generation program (Yukon), and the Net Metering program (NWT and Nunavut) making the process stress-free for our customers.

Yukon Micro-Generation Program

This program allows surplus power that is produced by a grid-tied system to be sold back to the grid. Our customers can benefit from this program and see a yearly cheque for surplus they have generated that is measured in real-time.

Yukon Residential Energy Incentive Program

Yukon homeowners can receive up to $5,000 per electrical meter through the Residential Energy Incentive Program.

NWT Net Metering Program

Did you know that the Northwest Territories averages the same amount of sunlight per year as Germany? That’s right, our long spring, summer and fall days are so good for solar that you could produce the same amount of power as a home in Stuttgart, Germany.

Protect yourself from the rising prices of electricity in NWT that have averaged over 4% every year for the last decade and produce power for your home. With NWT’s Net Metering system in place, the surplus energy that your system produces in the sunny summer months is fed back into the grid and you receive credit in exchange. This means that in the winter months when your system is not producing as much, you can use those credits to offset the higher electrical bill.

Northern communities are a perfect place for solar panel systems


The Yukon Territory has the highest solar installations per capita in Western Canada. This is largely due to the great incentives that are available to the public for installing solar and our long summer days.

Remote Communities

Remote communities usually mean large, expensive diesel generators are needed to produce power for the residents. Solvest can help reduce the use of fossil fuels in your community and provide a more long-term solution to an ever-growing problem.

We can also provide battery storage solutions that can reduce your need for fossil fuels by up to 50%, even without the use of a solar array.


Did you know that solar panels operate more efficiently at colder temperatures? We would love to discuss options about solar installations with you; please contact us to further discuss the possibility of solar in Nunavut.

Northwest Territories

Did you know that the Northwest Territories averages the same amount of sunlight per year as Germany? That’s right, our long spring, summer and fall days are so good for solar that you could produce the same amount of power as a home in Stuttgart, Germany.

“We were extremely pleased with the professional service we received from Solvest, from our initial enquiries, throughout the installation and in the follow up period. Steven and Michael walked us through the process and answered all our questions patiently. We are excited to be producing our own electricity, and operating as an independent power producer to return surplus electricity to the Yukon power grid. Despite what Kermit sang, with Solvest, it IS easy being green!”

Arthur Mitchel

“Last year I had Solvest install solar panels on my roof, I found this company great to work with, they answered all my questions, took care of all the paperwork, arrived on time and left the site how they found it. I would highly recommend them.”

Deborah Walsh

“The Solvest staff were very responsive to our questions and concerns prior to us making the decision to go ahead and put solar panels on our house. We did not have the most ideal slope and layout on our roof, but they put together a plan for 29 panels which were installed and have been working great. I highly recommend anyone with some clear roof space to request a free assessment and cost estimate. The Yukon needs to be producing more energy locally and solar is a great way to go. The Solvest staff have stayed responsive and identified an issue with a minor part remotely, and replaced the part thru the warranty. We wish we had more roof space. I suggest anyone designing a new home or building should include aspect, slope, and metal roof in their designs and talk to Solvest before building.”

James and Susan Mooney

“The team at Solvest were great to deal with from day one. I really appreciated the proposal package they provided us with when we were trying to figure out what size of a system to install. They were very helpful with any questions we had. The panels look great on the roof; a nice tidy job completed by an efficient and friendly crew.”

Laird Crow

“I decided it was time to get going on renewable energy and called Solvest. Two representatives came to our property and assessed it for a solar power installation. In a couple of days I received a complete report of what I could expect. It looked good, so we went ahead. Solvest did all the paperwork, sent a crew out and finished the installation on time and on budget. I couldn’t be much happier. Thanks!”

Ken Briggs

Why choose Solvest?

  • All of our panels carry a 10-25 year warranty, and other equipment has 10 year product warranties.

  • Battery backup systems are available to protect your home during any blackouts

  • We are a Northern company, operating in the Territories since 2015

  • We are the North’s experts with the most residential and commercial installations to date

  • We are a solar company first, it’s what we know, it’s what we do best

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