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General Information

As a northern Canadian solar installer, Solvest understands that the solar climate in the north is very different from southern latitudes, and we are committed to offering our northern clients solar solutions that maximize what the north’s solar climate has to offer. In order to further that goal we are undertaking our own first-hand research on solar panel and tracker performance in northern Canada to gain an understanding of how best to serve northern Canada’s solar needs. We have several research and development projects currently underway and most recently finished constructing a project in Whitehorse, that will be comparing the performance of different types of solar module technologies.

This research project has been brought to you by Triniti Technology and Cold Climate Innovation, and was designed and constructed by Solvest. The installation is being hosted by YuKonstruct and will provide them a renewable energy supply year round.

This project has been designed test the performance of various types of solar module technologies under the same conditions in the Yukon’s solar climate in order to allow Yukon residents to make informed decisions about what type of solar module they should use to maximize their power production.

The solar installation is comprised of 4 module types: 2 Monocrystalline modules, 4 Polycrystalline modules, 4 Thin-Film modules, and 2 Bi-Facial modules, all tilted at 35 degrees to the horizon and facing due south.

To learn more and to see real time data please visit www.yukonsolarresearch.ca